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William's Life and Photo Gallery

Early Years
Teen Years
The Crime

William's Room

William's Interests,  Links, and Artwork


William's Memorials

Information on Some of the Other Memorials Dedicated To William's Memory
(Come See the Daylily)

News Reports

Text of the News Stories Surrounding William's Murder and the Trials.

Bereavement and Grief

An Extensive List of Links and Information
on Sites Useful to Grieving Teens and Adults

Victim Rights
Grief and Family Support
Organizations Related To Gun Violence
Bulletin Boards and Chats

Memorial Scholarship Information

Information on the Memorial Scholarship Funds

Other Memorial Sites

Links to Other Memorial Sites on the Web.  You May Submit Your Own Memorial Site To Your Loved One Here, As Well

Bill's Scribblings

Published and Unpublished Articles Written by Me   Regarding My Own Grief and Sense of Loss. 

Talks and Writings
Selected Newsgroup Posts
Journal Entries

Two Short Fictions

A "Letter of Demonic Advice" in the style of C. S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters
regarding the loss of a child and a short story I'd like to believe could come true.

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WBJ Press

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Information on our book.

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Online Bibliography

More Resources and Materials for Bereaved Families

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Memorial Pages You
Might Like to Visit

- The following Memorial Pages have been established in honor and memory of loved ones who have died. Visiting these pages keeps the memory of these dear people alive in our hearts, and in some way helps those of us who have never met to get to know one another, and to get to know those who are no longer here with us. I encourage you to meet these people through their pages, photographs, and stories. Each of their lives is precious, not just to their families, but to all of us. Each of them has a life, and a story worth remembering.


Bill Jenkins

  • Bill Chadwick's memorial to his son, MICHAEL WILSON CHADWICK with resources for others.   Bill was my first online contact and helped me beyond words.  Thanks, Bill.
    October 3, 1972 to October 23, 1993
  • The Kohn Memorial Home Page created by Max Kohn and dedicated to the memory of Lenore and Bernard Kohn
  • A memorial page for Deborah's son, Dane "PapaJuan" Wegge who died suddenly at the age of 18
    Broken link - if anyone knows the new URL, please submit.
  • Billy Figaro
    Tara's memorial webpage to her son Billy who died at the age of two from Pompe's disease. Links and information on that disease are available at this site.
    Broken link - if anyone knows the new URL, please submit.
  • A memorial website for Maureen Mihm -- 8/30/72 - 2/18/94 by her best friend Erin.
    Broken link - if anyone knows the new URL, please submit.
  • A site specifically designed to help bereaved teens and children communicate with each other and share resources.
  • Daisy's memorial website for her son, Buster who was killed in an automobile crash at the age of 21.  This site also has   memorial space available for others to be included, many of whom do not have individual websites of their own.  Thanks, Daisy.
  • A  memorial site Dale Rose who was killed in a car crash in 1993 at the age of 17.

  • Brittany Leigh Hoffner
    3/15/94 - 4/9/96
    Here is a letter from her mother:
    Brittany was two years and twenty five days when she was I was driving her, a negligent driver in a large rental vehicle cut off the motorist giving me the right of way, and broadsided my minivan. Brittany suffered massive head and facial injuries...twelve hours later she died.  Brittany left her life's prints upon our soul's and we will never again be the same. Her life may have been short...our Love for her and each other is measured by Love, not time. We will miss you until we meet again our darling Brittany...what you endured was enormous....what you gave us is priceless.
    Love,  Mommy(Jacqueline Hoffner Chen)



No Websites, but here are some more great folks to get to know:

  • Louis "Doc" Garman
    No website as yet.
    My kind, generous, caring, and loving uncle whose active life in church, Boy Scouting, and family traditions will be long remembered. His influence on our society is beyond reckoning. He and my aunt sponsored and gave a home away from home to countless midshipmen at the US Naval Academy, gave selflessly of themselves to church activities and offices,
    opened their home to innumerable family outings and picnics over the years, and during the time Doc was leading a very active Boy Scout troop, he personally mentored 31 Eagle Scouts. A rich legacy of life. His love of life, others and God is an example to all.
  • Jeri Cutler-Voltz
    April 10, 1951 - March 13, 1998
    No Website
    Jeri's voice was a gift unsurpassed in our community. Her beautiful soprano was heard on theatre stages and in churches all over town. Ten years ago, she recognized a need in the area for a school of performing arts for local children, and the School of Performing Arts in the Richmond Community, or SPARC as it came to be known, was formed. Every summer, I worked with her as her designer for the remarkably high quality productions which SPARC mounted, with as many as sixty children and young people singing, acting, and dancing their way with enormous confidence through major musicals. She has inspired and influenced the lives of thousands of Richmond's young people, teaching them far more than just how to make music a part of their lives. She taught them how artistic expression and passion can build life skills with which no other experience can compare.  Since her untimely and tragic death, Richmond has lost one of its most talented performers and teachers, and heaven has gained another soaring voice in the heavenly choir.
    We love you Jeri, and will hold your memory in our hearts always.

If you know of a site you would like to have included here,

Please, let us know.

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