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Victim Activists at Work AROUND THE NATION and the WORLD

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National Coalition of Victims in Action

National Sex Offender Website

National Crime Victim Org Network a helpful Yahoo Group listserve for victims nationally with helpful information - 80% of the violent victimization in the nation is enabled by guns

MADD Victim Services Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Fight Crime:  Invest in Kids - Victims and Law Enforcement join forces to focus on Prevention

AMERICA'S MOST WANTED - the Television Show, has created "MY STORY" to help families with MISSING loved ones
    or contact Cheri Nolan, the Missing Persons Producer at

ANGELFUNDVA.ORG -Parents of a Virginia Tech Victim

New York Victims Voices


The Violent Trauma Awareness Project - in California

 A Victim No More, Lori Rekowski, Author, How to Break Free From Self-Judgment

"After the Trauma" - a project of Mildred Muhammed, ex-wife and domestic violence victim of the DC Sniper
301-702-1200 -   SEE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR NEW LAVENDER POWER PUBLICATION for victims/survivors of trauma, domestic violence, and the national e-magazine for empowerment and self-help.

Carrie Freitag's Book Aftermath in the Wake of Murder

Christopher's Clubhouse - protecting Children from predators

Crime Survivors  Crime Survivors, Inc. /
PO Box 54552, Irvine, Ca. 92619-4552
(949) 872-7895 / (775) 245-4798 fax

Crime Victims United of California support their upcoming Golf Classic Oct 13, 2008

Crime Victims Action Alliance (of California)

Crime Victims Assistance (iCAN) Network

Colorado Crime Victims - COVA

The Polly Franks Foundation for child victims of sexual abuse

Debra Puglisi Sharp's Story of Survival

End Abuse

Friends and Families of Violent Crime Victims , Jenny Wieland Ward, Executive Director
P.O. Box 1949, Everett, WA  9820, Work: 425 252 6081    Crisis Line: 800-346 7555, Cell:  206 406 6929

Forever Network - post videos online of murdered loved ones

Guardian Angels Against Crime - connect to their Facebook page

Guardian Angels Website - working all over the world to protect victims and prevent more victims

Children of Homicide Victims can apply for scholarships at

The Peacemaking Work of Azim Khamisa - Victim-led Restorative Justice, based in California

Victims for Justice - Alaskans working for victims' rights

LavenderPower.Org - an online magazine for survivors of trauma

Lucy Logan's Who Killed Our Kids  work on unsolved murders in Cinncinnati

Maggie Doran, St Paul, MN  The Ben Doran Foundation

National Institute of Justice Programs and Publications

National Center on Elder Abuse

Debbie Parnham's LIFESENTENCE  in Arizona

PAVING THE WAY: victims of sexual violence  Shatter the silence! PAVE - Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment

Victims promoting self-defense at

Bereaved Parents of the USA  Find Chapters all over the nation

Murder Victims Families for Human Rights

and the MVFHR blog discussing death penalty issues and victims

The Sonoma County Survivor Project - "Listening for a Change"

A Survivor of the Virginia Tech Massacre has put out a safety alarm backpack for students

The Willie Williams Youth Foundation in Chicago with sports and positive programs to keep youth off the streets

Rachel's Challenge - the inspirational program to make us all better people, in honor of the life of the first young woman killed at Columbine High School

Rainbow PUSH Coalition in 10 US Cities works to help victims and crime prevention

South Carolina Victim Assistance Network

Survivors in Action

Survivors of Violent Loss Program which has excellent tools and training for victims and for coping

Victims Voices Heard runs an "apology letter bank"

Ntl Center for Violence Against Women

WITNESS JUSTICE is a national victim advocacy organization based in Maryland 

Women's Legal Resource and Blog - the great work helping with Domestic Violence by Randi Rosen and friends

The World Wide Sensible Sentencing Organization

International Resources

If you are in the UK and need help escaping domestic violence, call the 24-hr helpline at 0808 2000 247.  

If you're in Australia & need help re domestic violence, call Lifeline Australia's 24-hour helpline at 1800200526

In India, call 1091 for help with Domestic Violence - it is the Women's Helpline taking care of anything to do with women

In Spain,

In New Zealand, the Sensible Sentencing Trust


FACEBOOK PAGES for Victim Activists

The World Wide Sensible Sentencing Organization