We Endorse IL VRA
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We, the undersigned individuals and organizations, hereby support amending the wording of Section 8.l of the Illinois Constitution, Victims Rights Section to improve victims rights and make them self-enforcing in the State of Illinois. We  strongly urge the Illinois Legislature to act immediately to implement these changes.

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Name or Organization                                                           Contact Information (if any)

1. The members and Board of IllinoisVictims.org                     www.illinoisvictims.org
2. The Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault                           www.icasa.org
3. Parents of Murdered Children (IL chapters and National)     www.pomc.org
4. The Sheriff of Boone County  Duane Wirth                              www.boonecountyil.org/sheriff/sheriff.htm
5. Victim/Activist/Author/Media figure Susan Murphy Milano http://murphymilanojournal.blogspot.com/
6. Friends of Mike Mayborne                                                            www.mikemayborne.com

7. Attorney General Lisa Madigan
8. The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police                                    www.ilfop.org

9. The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police
10. The Rainbow PUSH Coalition     www.rainbowpush.org
11. The Sheila Doyle Foundation     www.sadfund.org
12. The Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence
13. The Center on Halsted
14. Project Irene
15. SNAP - Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
16. Children's Advocacy Centers of Illinois
17. Cook County Sheriff's Office
18. Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez
19. Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence     www.ichv.org
20. Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation